Melano AW17 stacked silver ringsWe’re thrilled to introduce MelanO jewellery to Hale: we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it.

But first, just what is Melano?

Melano is a brand new concept in fashion jewellery, in that it has been created for women who don’t want to buy cheap throwaway pieces just to suit a particular outfit, but who appreciate beautiful, contemporary design and high quality production values, resulting in pieces that look gorgeous and feel expensive – even when they’re not!


Melano AW17 bracelet stackThe greatest joy of MelanO isn’t in the beauty and quality of each piece however, it’s in the facility it offers for you to create your own pieces to suit your outfit, or your mood, every day.

It works exactly the same way you do when you’re choosing an outfit.  Some days you feel a bit sleepy and soft, so you opt for your favourite jeans and a comfortable top.  Other days you’re feeling all bouncy and full of energy, so while you may still grab your favourite jeans, you add a sparkly top and a bright scarf.

Melano AW17 bracelet green stones

MelanO works the same way: choose a ring or bangle or necklace, in silver or gold vermeil, and then add your choice of coloured crystal, pearl or enamel.  You can pick’n’mix on these pretty little things to your heart’s content, while the fabulously high quality main piece acts as your favourite pair of jeans!  One day you can sparkle with pink crystal, another go for olive green enamel, or another maybe a sweet little pearl.  Stacked or single, it’s a joy every day to create your own perfect finishing touch to your fashion choices.

Melano allows those of us who love to shine to colour our own worlds just as we want them to be.

Today, i am wearing silver with sparkling white crystal…but a little later I may add a sophisticated touch of olive or fun hint of pink.  It’s entirely up to me you see, and I love it!

What will you create?