Ribkoff red dress AW17Tell us what fashion trends autumn winter 2017 look like, they said.  What colours and shapes should we be wearing to stay completely on trend?  This is NOT an easy task, but one thing I can assure you of – AW17 at 205 On Ashley is looking very good!

In years past, I might have stressed about cut, colour, skirt length, trouser leg width and whether my choices would make me look up-to-date fashionable or behind-the-times frumpish.  This has all changed, and is one of the greatest joys of being that little bit older – it’s not that I can’t wear the fashions those terribly youthful designers and ‘in’ people dictate, it’s just that I’ve learned that I don’t need to.

It’s all about you

I have learned what suits my body shape.  I have learned what colours flatter and what I should steer well clear of.  I have learned that accessories make an outfit dressy or casual, which extends its life and wearability considerably.  I have learned that cheap and cheerful should only apply to t-shirts I am happy to cover in suntan lotion and dispose of at the end of a holiday – NEVER to things I plan to wear for a whole season.  And I have learned that the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ is a big fat lie invented by fashion writers to help them write a column each season when all else fails.  NOBODY loves a capsule wardrobe!  And by buying smart each season we can easily maintain a lovely big wardrobe of timeless go-to fashions to pull out again and again – because they make us happy.

I did my research on fashion trends for autumn winter 2017; I spent a lot of time browsing the collections of my preferred designers before I made my choices; I looked at colours; I looked at shapes; I looked at likely longevity and then I looked at my customers.   Taking all this together, it really boils down to one question: what do stylish women over 40 want to be seen in this winter?

Fashion Trends Autumn Winter 2017: colour trends

Ribkoff monochrome dress frontWell, monochrome is a perennial favourite for the winter months.  It’s so flattering and so easy to change the look with splashes of colour from accessories that it’s no wonder that it never goes away.  By choosing some fabulous styles in base colours of black and white, you can also look back to pieces you have bought in earlier seasons and do a little mix and matching!  The key thing, of course, when choosing what pieces I want to bring to the shop is the fit.  Black may disguise a thousand sins, but cheap fabrics and poor cut simply adds to them.  Nobody wants to be constantly pulling on or tweaking the fall of their clothes, and that’s why we work with brands such as Ribkoff, Lyman and Faber – you can always trust their quality and cut.

Take this fabulous monochrome dress by Joseph Ribkoff for example.  It has a rather retro feel about it, very 1960’s, and the addition of the gold detailing to the front gives it a luxe lift we love.  Three quarter sleeves aren’t only practical for the cooler months, but perfect for those of us not so fond of our arms!  I know, it’s ridiculous when you say it out loud, but our arms can get to be very disappointing as we age, can’t they!

ribkoff layered blouse monochromeAlso from Ribkoff, and sticking with the monochrome theme, is this fabulous layered blouse.  Just perfect with slim fit trousers.  Pep it up with a brightly coloured bag or shoes, add a vibrant scarf or something sparkly at the throat…timeless and elegant, easily done.

AW17 fashion trends aren’t all about the monochrome, of course.  We saw rich, jewel colours hitting the catwalks at the AW17 shows, with warm ruby reds and glowing tanzanite blues providing an elegant uplift to black or navy separates.

Crea Concept AW17Fashion Trends Autumn Winter 2017: style trends

Perhaps the biggest change this season has been the influx of a new trouser shape.  Well, I say ‘new’, but there is very little that is new in fashion and this slightly looser fit style, with tapered ankles and a more relaxed fit to the waist reminds me just a little of the 1980’s…but better done! Our new collection from Crea Concept does it perfectly.

This more relaxed fit, when allied with clever cutting and high quality fabrics, gives a drape that is really flattering, whatever your size.  For those who have not enjoyed the skinny fit trend of recent years these will trigger a huge sigh of relief!  Of course, skinny fit hasn’t gone away and I can’t see it ever doing so, but as ever – cut and fit (and stretch!) is all, which is why we LOVE LauRie, NYDJ and our newly introduced collection from Robell!

Frank Lyman AW17 winter white short jacketFashion Trends AW17: attitude

Of course, it doesn’t matter how stylish your clothes are, if you don’t wear them like you deserve them, you’re never going to feel as good as you should.  Our attitude to style here at 205 On Ashley is very much reflected in our designer fashion choices.  We buy what we know will look great on the ladies we have developed a great relationship with over many seasons; and when stuff looks great you feel great.

What we’re here for is to ensure that no woman leaves our shop feeling sold to; we’re here to help you choose fashions that look great, lift your mood and will last for a good long while.  This is personal shopping, 205 style.