Christmas, it’s for the children, surely?  Absolutely not, we say!  Christmas is a time when, it seems, that the whole world suddenly goes a bit bonkers, but it’s actually the kind of bonkers we like…once we’ve got our Christmas present buying out of the way!

Do you do like we do?  Swear blind every year that you’ll have it all sorted by October?  Then get to December and PANIC!! Thought so.  It may well happen at the same time every year, but it still comes as a surprise – usually when someone utters those dreaded words: “only 34 days till Christmas!”

If you’re still seeking some Christmas inspo (that’s inspiration for those of you not 100% down with the kids), look no further, as the 205 On Ashley elves have it all sorted!  Read on…


Christmas gifts for children.

Lovabella AI dollWe’re reliably informed that the most sought after toy for Christmas 2017, for little ones at least, is the Lovabella doll.  This (admittedly slightly creepy) doll is top of the tree because it’s an AI toy.  Artificial Intelligence is used to learn how to interact with the child who owns it. The more she’s played with, the more she responds, and will even start saying some words. She moves her arms and has an astonishingly expressive face – her lips move and her eyes blink, and if you tickle her tummy or her toes, she giggles.  It’s all a little bit futuristic for us, but then what do we know?

Shopping for boys?  How about Nickelodeon Experimake Sludge ‘n’ Slime?  There aren’t many small boys who won’t love this opportunity to do disgusting things in the name of science; there’s a set of gloopy, squidgy experiments to make slime balls, goo and, of course, bogies.

Shopping for teens?  Cash, credit or vouchers, and not the book variety.  Just saying.  We’ll just leave these links here…

And don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Family board game for christmas


Can we also recommend board games?  Family games are making quite the come back of late and apart from the obvious (Monopoly, anybody?) there are any number of board games linked to TV quiz shows the whole family can play.  Or what about this?  The 5-Second Rule game is one for everyone, with answers not based on general knowledge, but on what you can pull from your brain as the countdown winds down.  Lots of fun, lots of shouting and lots of laughter!

Christmas gifts for her

It’s been our experience, both personal and in our work, that gifts that sparkle go a very long way to triggering a smile.  We’ve long offered a collection of accessories – bags, scarves, and a few pieces of jewellery here at 205, and are often told ‘it’s for a friend’ when a purchase is made.  So, this season, to make it even easier for you to find the perfect gift, we’re thrilled to introduce two new jewellery collections.

MelanO is the most fabulously clever concept, realised beautifully.  The design team at this new jewellery brand have created a collection of ‘base’ pieces – bracelets, rings, necklaces – that you then pimp up with removable, exchangeable additions.  Choose from a myriad of base designs and a cornucopia of additions, from coloured crystals to pearls, enamel and metallic.  If your friend’s favourite colour is pink, but she often wears blue – you can create the perfect piece for her using those colours you know she’ll love best.  Genius!  Since we introduced MelanO to 205 on Ashley we’ve had nothing but delighted praise from our customers, do pop in and discover it for yourself soon!


Our second introduction is LoveRocks – a spangly sparkly blingtastic collection of fabulous quality pieces all with more glitter than a toddler’s birthday party.  It’s perfect for the party season and for special occasions year round.  We LOVE!

And if you still can’t decide (there is rather a lot to choose from!) then opt for a 205 On Ashley gift voucher, and let your friend decide for herself!

We’re here with fabulous ideas for mums too, of course. From fabulous leather bags to pashminas in every shade, you certainly won’t be stuck for ideas when you visit 205.

Christmas gifts for him

Men are SO hard to buy for!  You could opt for some sexy lingerie and a cheeky smile, of course (the lingerie is for you, of course…the treat is for him!) but you don’t want to give the man heart failure, so what else might show him you’ve really thought about him?

They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, so a fabulous bottle of wine or a carefully selected hamper has potential to please, but if he’s used to you feeding him all the time anyway it’s hardly original, so how about an experience?

mustang driving gift idea for husband

If he’s ever wanted to race a car or fly a plane, now’s his chance.  If adrenaline’s not his thing, there are luxury experiences too – and even spa visits.  If he’s never had a facial…he’s in for a treat!

Finally, how about you?

Let’s not forget about you! If your loved ones often need a hint in the right direction, perhaps leave this window open on your laptop or iPad. You can casually mention that 205 On Ashley, your favourite place on earth, is finally selling gift vouchers online. Remember to look surprised on Christmas day, then hurry on down to 205 On Ashley to get yourself that dress you’ve been eyeing up 😉

While this is by no means an exhaustive list (not even close) hopefully it’s given you a few ideas.  And if not….well, we feel your pain!