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We’re all going on a…summer holiday!

Tra-la-laa!  Oh, what fabulous hot weather we’ve had this last few weeks – it’s been such fun wearing my wonderful summer wardrobe her at home!  I never saw that coming, I have to say.

Wearing clothes to keep me cool yet still looking and feeling smart gave me a great insight into just what we want when the sun shines and we’re not reclining poolside or on a beach.  For me, white trousers and a variety of pretty tops has been my absolute go-to fashion choice almost every day.  The joy of white trousers of course is that they are the perfect palette against which to superimpose anything else, meaning you can dress right up, or rock super-casual, with ease.  White lace-up Converse (other brands are available!) or sparkly high heels completely change how you look in the space of a moment.  Swapping a smart navy and white stripe t-shirt with a pretty floral top means I can go straight from work to dinner with friends, a cocktail by the river or G&Ts in Manchester with no more extra effort than a quick spritz of scent!

What’s your summer never-fail?

Do please pop by to say hello and see what we can do to keep your summer wardrobe topped up with pure fabulousness.


Karen xxx